26th Annual Federal Sentencing Guidelines Presentation by Robert Griscti

Robert Griscti spoke at the 26th Annual Federal Sentencing Guidelines Seminar in St. Petersburg, Florida on June 30 as a member of the Departures and Variances panel. Mr. Griscti’s presentation focused on the consideration of federal financial penalties in negotiation and sentencing, with an emphasis on recent developments in federal forfeiture and restitution sentencing jurisprudence.

Criminal and related civil enforcement financial penalties have been a focus of Rob’s practice since the early 80’s, when federal and Florida laws were strengthened to seize and forfeit, fine or impose restitution on criminal and civil defendants.  In a series of cases in the 1990’s, he participated in the constitutionality of Florida’s civil asset forfeiture laws before the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida legislature.  He remains an advocate for judicial and legislative reform of these harsh penalties.

The seminar was sponsored by the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Federal Bar AssociationNational Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Criminal Justice Section of the American Bar Association.


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